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          I prefer using available light whenever possible and find myself drawn to the beauty of objects and landscapes captured during travels and around my home in Oklahoma. My goal is to capture a unique image that transports the viewer to another place and time.

            Tony is a self-taught photographer who has preference for fine art still photography. He credits the influence of family received throughout his early years for the success he has today. His mother introduced him to photography as a child with a Brownie black and white film camera and continued her joy of photography throughout her life. In addition, two of his uncles were avid camera and photography enthusiasts who often traded camera equipment to compete with one another for best photos. Tony admits to being greatly influenced by the style and work of New England painter Joseph Reboli, which can be seen most distinctly in his photographs Interstellar Daydreams II (child room decor gallery) and Chilling Out (animals gallery) with moody cloud drama featured in the background of each photograph.  Tony has spent the last five years concentrating on digital photographs with geometric lines, contrasting light with shadows, and soft-focus Polaroid transfer images replicating snapshots from the instant film cameras made popular by Polaroid in the 60’s and 70’s.  His current project is a photographic digital art series based on a new manipulated digital hybrid of art styles , Cubism and Post-Impressionism.  (Picasso and Van Gogh)

            Tony has sold his photographs to collectors around the world from Beverly Hills, California to Sydney, Australia. His collection of photography work “Eclectic Fine Art Images”, was recently on exhibition at the Fine Arts Institute of Edmond, Oklahoma. For the past three years, his photographs have been selected for exhibition at the Oklahoma City Paseo Small Art Show. Tony most recently received a Merit Award for his photograph, “Ferrris Wheel” at the 2015 OKC Paseo Small Art Show.  His collection, Amusement Park Rides, was exhibited at the Paseo Art Space in May 2016 .  His photograph of vintage WWII airplane, Warbird, was curated into the Photo Shoot: 2016 exhibition at the Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon.